The RSS Feed I added is not showing up properly.

How do I fix the RSS Feed?

1. Verify that the RSS Feed you added is the correct link for that blog by copying and pasting the link you currently have into a blank web browser window.

2. Open the Product or Category that the blog is feeding into, and check to make sure that the desired amount of posting is selected. For instance, if only a title is showing up and you want the full article, make sure that “Full Article” is selected.

3. Check to make sure that the correct blog is selected in the drop-down menu, as well as the correct amount of maximum posts. Selecting at least 5 posts will usually guarantee that you have enough posts feeding into your website.

Sometimes the source of the blog/rss feed is not working properly, and in that case you can choose to hide that blog until it is working again.

Blog sources will sometimes determine the amount and extent of postings it will feed to users. This will affect how many maximum posts you have chosen, as well your choice of Partial Article, Subject Line Only, or Full Article.

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